Bathroom accessories can help to keep your space organized, stylish, and free from corrosion and tarnish. When selecting accessories, choose ones with durable finishes that resist corrosion or tarnish for best results.

Storage solutions such as toothbrushes and gel can be kept organized with stylish toothbrush holders that feature unique designs – including those inspired by submarines!

Soap Dish

Keep your counters tidy and sanitary by selecting an ideal soap dish. A proper one allows any excess water to drain off while also helping your bar soap stay in good condition for longer, without melting into sticky mush.

Choose an eco-friendly dish made of natural material like bamboo for an eco-friendly option. Unlike woods, bamboo does not absorb moisture and will remain sturdy even during prolonged exposure to humid environments.

Happitasa Silicone Soap Dish, made of heat-resistant silicone, makes an excellent pick. Its sloped texture promotes water drainage while protruding brackets help your soap stay put.

Opt for wall mounted options to save space in the vanity or shower. Mark where you intend to mount them using a level, then clean and wipe down surfaces/marks so your dish can be securely mounted.


Bathroom tumblers are small glass or cup-like structures designed with wall mounting mechanisms. They’re usually found near wash basins in bathrooms both inside and out for storage of self-care tools like toothbrushes and toothpastes for maintaining daily hygiene routines.

Plastic cups come in various shapes and sizes and may contain harmful BPA (Bisphenol A), an industrial chemical linked to multiple health conditions. An increasingly popular alternative to this category are stainless steel tumblers. These provide an elegant solution as an efficient replacement to disposable cups containing BPA (Bisphenol A).

Personalize your tumbler by embellishing it with acrylic paints or glitter, then seal or gloss glaze to protect its watertight and durable qualities.


This bucket is an ideal way to enjoy luxurious bath time without breaking the bank or incurring high renovation costs. Crafted in Japan from sawara wood – which releases its soothing fragrance when wet – this handcrafted bucket will last years longer than other models available in stores.

Towel Shelf

Accessing dry towels easily is key to creating a relaxing and hygienic bathroom space, with towel racks providing easy access without risking bacteria spread.

This hotel-style shelf adds classic styling to any bathroom design, featuring an upper bar for hanging folded towels, as well as a lower hook suitable for hanging robes or towels. Crafted of stainless steel for durability against moisture and rust damage.

A ladder-style shelf is an attractive and rustic way to display folded towels while adding decorative accents in the bathroom. This one comes complete with dock rope cleats for an authentic nautical touch.

Opt for an elegant double bar towel rack that holds twice as many towels in half the wall space of a single bar rack, and will look beautiful both modern and traditional bathrooms. Additionally, chrome adds a modern aesthetic.

Shower Basket

Instead of the delicate mesh shower caddies that often collapse under the weight of multiple bath products, this sturdy steel organizer fits over standard shower doors with ease. It features two adjustable baskets and hooks to hold washcloths and razors in place while its flat bottom ensures items will stay upright without falling through or over.

Freestanding caddies and baskets are great storage solutions for smaller bathrooms or young children who cannot reach built-in ledges or hanging caddies. These organizers usually feature multiple bottle tiers to store bottles safely and come in various sizes with various mounting types available.

Some caddies use hardware for permanent installation, while others feature self-adhesive backing or suction cups that make mounting easy. The iDesign Formbu Bamboo model offers an eye-catching aesthetic that could fit seamlessly in many bathroom settings.

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