Blank walls don’t need to be a challenge when you have the right decor ideas. From framed artwork and picture frames to wall planters and more, here are some tips on how to style your living room wall like an expert.

Hanging a mural or painting can give your space an eye-catching design element. The key is selecting a style that complements your existing color scheme.

Framed Artwork

Framing art on your living room walls is a simple way to bring life and personality into the space. Whether you choose artwork, photography or textile art, it will instantly make the room appear more vibrant and inviting.

One option is to hang several similar-sized pieces side by side. This arrangement creates an eye-catching balance that works great over larger furniture collections or fireplace mantels.

Framed artwork can also be displayed as part of a gallery wall, where you showcase various prints in unique frames. A theme such as hiking or travel adds visual interest to this type of wall art.

Stick-Up Murals

If you want to add some vivid color, but don’t have the funds for wallpaper, stick-up murals are an ideal alternative. They’re easy to install and remove, plus they come in various sizes.

Choosing a mural that complements both your design aesthetic and the space where it will hang is key to getting it just right. For instance, if decorating a living room, avoid selecting one with colors that clash with what already exists there.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are an excellent way to personalize and cozy your wall. They showcase family photos, ticket stubs, postcards and other mementos that elicit special memories.

Frames offer a stylish way to adorn a gallery wall. Choose frames that complement your existing decor for an eye-catching look.

For a modern or Scandi aesthetic, opt for white or black frames in white or black. Conversely, if your interior design has a rustic theme, try wood frames that feature natural materials and textures.


Wallpaper is an excellent way to bring some vibrant color and design to your living room. Whether you opt for a bold mural or classic pattern, wallpapered walls can completely transform the aesthetic of your space.

Wallpaper can be purchased through specialty stores, DIY outlets and specialized online shops. Alternatively, you may commission a painter/decorator to do the work for you.

If your living room serves as a hub for entertaining or simply unwinding, opt for vibrant patterns. On the other hand, if it serves more as an area where families gather, opt for more tranquil designs.


Mirrors are an aesthetically pleasing decorating choice that can open up a room and give it more natural light. Not only that, but they add drama too; creating a focal point in any space.

No matter if you choose a round or square framed mirror, finding one that complements your living room decor will make an impact.

For a modern aesthetic, try using circular mirrors with minimal framing. This on-trend shape pairs perfectly with other mid-century modern furniture and decorations.


Lighting is one of the most influential elements when it comes to creating a room’s visual and emotional impact. While ceiling lighting and floor lamps are often mentioned, don’t forget about wall lights which can also be an integral part of your interior design scheme.

Wall lighting can be an effective way to showcase artwork or feature pieces without overpowering your decor. Shelf lights are also great for brightening books, art and photos displayed on shelves.

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