Tiles make an ideal addition to kitchens, providing practical benefits while simultaneously adding aesthetic value. Unlike painted walls that can become damaged over time from frequent scuffing and scratches, tiles are dirt-proof and easily wipeable, providing additional convenience in the form of easy maintenance.

Glazed ceramic tiles come in many colors, shapes, and patterns; you may even find options that imitate wood and stone materials for an authentic appearance.


Kitchen tiles come in many materials, colors and styles that offer distinct qualities for any given application. Durability should always be taken into consideration; be mindful of how much wear and tear your flooring might endure before choosing your tiles.

Ceramic tile is a durable material that stands up well against scratches, impacts and heat while remaining watertight. Porcelain tiles offer additional stain-resistance.

Stone tiles can be durable, but can stain easily. Mosaic tiles provide another option and come in various colours with various textures for easier maintenance – as well as hiding scratches better and providing slip resistance, making them the ideal choice for busy families with young children.


Kitchen tiles are an easy and stylish way to bring personality into any space, be it walls, floors or backsplashes. Boasting an assortment of colours, textures and finishes suited for every taste imaginable – you are bound to find an arrangement to meet the requirements of your home!

Select herringbone patterns for traditional grandeur or brick bond tiles for modernity. Hexagonal floor tiles create an eye-catching pattern in open plan rooms; combine them with geometric print kitchen wall tiles as demonstrated by KozyKasa for an unexpected twist!

Bold kitchen tiles can be both stylish and practical; they will easily hide scuffs and spillages when combined with minimal furniture. Mosaic tiles allow you to express yourself, with numerous patterns and color combinations to choose from; or try hand painting scenes to bring nature in and create an eye-catching focal point that won’t go unnoticed!


As with floor tiles, wall tile colors have an enormous influence on the look and feel of your kitchen. Lighter shades can help open up smaller kitchens while pairing well with lighter cabinetry; darker hues offer numerous choices; however it would be wiser to select earthy tones which will stand the test of time.

If you want something bolder, consider opting for patterned kitchen wall tiles as an expressive means of showing your individuality. Floral designs offer classic yet contemporary aesthetics; combine with other motifs for an eclectic style!

Black kitchen wall tiles are an elegant choice that blends well into most interior designs. Their sophisticated yet refined appearance allows them to complement a range of decor schemes from herringbone mosaic tiles to hexagonal-patterned tiles arranged in different patterns for desired effects. Plus, their dark hue is great at masking dirt and marks better than other types of tile!


Kitchen wall tiles provide an eye-catching way to add pops of color or highlight an otherwise monochromatic scheme in any space, whether that means brightening up a breakfast bar or creating an intricately designed tile backsplash. From classic whites and marble-look options with subtle veining, wall tiles make an eye-catching statement while being easy and inexpensive ways of making an impactful statement in any space.

Unusual tile shapes like hexagons and triangles add an eye-catching element to modern kitchens, while scalloped tiles add vintage or country flair. Kitchen floor tile can also make a statement; mosaics and herringbone patterns are popular options.

For an evergreen kitchen floor that will stand the test of time, choose timeless terracotta tiles for your floor. These natural-looking kitchen tiles bring rustic charm into farmhouse or traditional homes and can easily be glazed in earthy tones for an authentic look. Or try luxurious travertine for an ageless finish that only gets better as it wears with age.

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