Contemporary kitchens combine clean lines with a country-rustic feel. White is the dominant color, from the walls to the floor and from the kitchen cabinets to the backsplash. The cabinets and countertops are made of marble or glass, and the backsplash is white subway tiles. The kitchen island features upholstered bar stools, and there is a small dining area with a round mahogany table and black peacock chairs.

A contemporary kitchen design should also feature a variety of storage options. A long overhead pantry is great for storing large pots, while deep drawers are perfect for storing cutlery. A breakfast bar is another important addition to contemporary kitchens. By using dedicated storage, you can create more space for a laundry nook or other useful room.

If you want to warm up a contemporary kitchen, wood is a great choice. Wood is warm and can come in many different shades. Be sure to choose wood that doesn’t look too rustic, though. Straight grain wood can work well in a contemporary kitchen. These colors are versatile, and you can use them for other elements of the room.

Another trend in contemporary kitchens is combining rough textures with smooth finishes. For instance, matte cabinets are a great way to bring the opposite effect of a warm color like yellow. The backsplash can also incorporate patterns and textures. For an edgier look, consider incorporating a tile backsplash. This is an easy way to cover up messes, and it’s a great way to incorporate color into a contemporary kitchen.

Countertops are an important part of a contemporary kitchen. Many modern kitchens feature stone or glass countertops. Various types of quartz and recycled glass materials are popular today. Alternatively, you can add a wood butcher block countertop. You can also use glass tiles or mosaic tile to create a unique backsplash area. These materials are also easy to change and can add color and texture to your kitchen.

Contemporary kitchens feature sleek, clean lines and sleek materials. The furniture and appliances are sleek and functional, and the colors are vibrant. Kitchen decor should be functional and not distract from the function of the space. Choose a wall color that complements the furniture and kitchen’s colors and design. The wall color should also match the overall theme of the room.

Contemporary kitchens combine sleek cabinetry, clean lines and a modern, minimalist aesthetic. A contemporary kitchen is perfect for busy families, people who like to entertain and multitask, and those who enjoy an organized and minimalist look. Contemporary kitchens have many advantages, and it’s important to know the right design choices for your home.

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