Furniture plays an integral role in setting the style and atmosphere of a bathroom. From vanities to linen cabinets, furniture options will add personalization to this intimate space.

Shelves provide an easy, effective storage solution, offering a range of materials, colours and finishes to match any style or decor. Wooden furniture is often chosen due to its natural resistance against rot; simply oiling or varnishing can prolong its color retention or give an elegant finishing touch.

Chipboard or melamine

Melamine is a popular choice in kitchen cabinets due to its fireproof properties and moisture resistance; moreover, it resists scratches, splintering and warping better than solid wood materials.

Some individuals prefer the natural, consistent wood grain aesthetic of European-textured melamine; this style can also be achieved using solid color melamine. But others might opt for something more modern such as solid color melamine.

Melamine may be resistant to water, but it’s not as durable as MDF and shouldn’t be exposed directly to it as vanities will. As this could result in formaldehyde exposure – not good for health – it should be combined with MDF in your vanity or cabinetry project if possible for optimal results. You should make sure the melamine seal is sealed well so as not to allow moisture penetration and damage; this will protect its substrate as well as limit odors caused by formaldehyde exposure.


Glass is an exceptional material to incorporate in bathroom designs of any kind, from foundational elements such as shower doors to smaller decor pieces – it adds class and quality. Glass is durable yet sophisticated – an invaluable addition for bathroom designs of all sorts!

Metrica’s Falper Edge Glass bathroom system is an exceptional example of this growing trend, featuring sleek design elements perfect for accentuating vertical planes in any bathroom while remaining highly practical furniture.

As much as most people prefer matching bathroom vanities to their overall washroom theme, contrasting styles can also work well. Frosted glass makes for a striking option here as it allows light into the space while providing maximum privacy. Glass bathroom shelves also incorporate this material beautifully by displaying decorative items while providing functional storage solutions – available both glossy and matte finishes!


Ceramic bathroom furniture adds beauty and sophistication to a room while simultaneously being functional. RAK Ceramics Washington offers washbasin units that combine modern straight lines with softened elegance for an eye-catching yet timeless style that blends aesthetics and function perfectly. Wood panels or cabinets bring these washbasin units together perfectly, bringing this style full circle.

RAK Ceramics’ collection of sanitary ware and furniture offers something to fit every style, with their trademark WonderGliss surface finish being easy to keep clean while being skin friendly, heat and fade resistant, made from naturally occurring raw materials sourced from LAUFEN factories, combined, homogenised and polished during an exhaustive production process in order to produce high-quality ceramics that can fit millimetre precision into bathroom floor plans. Cloakroom vanity units, tall cabinetry pieces, open storage pieces all complement this line to provide additional practicality into any given space – offering practicality into every space it inhabits.


Wooden bathroom furniture is an iconic decor item that lends warmth and coziness to any space. Made of natural material, its appealing nature allows it to easily blend in with any design aesthetic. Coated in varnish, epoxy or natural oil treatments for enhanced longevity and visual appeal.

When considering purchasing a wooden vanity unit, we advise using an anti-tannic product like Pore Filler Primer BP400 as an anti-tannic shield against the release of tanins from some species (oak, chestnut or fir) that release tannins which cause yellow-black stains and surface erosion on your bathroom furniture.

Plywood makes an excellent alternative to solid wood, as it can be treated with moisture-resistant glues that won’t absorb humidity and therefore prevent delamination. Furthermore, its color options complement wood-look tiles perfectly to form an appealing contrast.

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