No matter the size or layout of your bedroom, it can become quickly overrun with clutter. These clever storage solutions can help reduce this chaos and give everything its proper place.

Start by decluttering with an initial sweep. Next, prioritize organizing flat areas such as dresser tops or nightstand tops before moving on to closets and armoires.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves provide an easy and stylish way to display decorative accents, collections and plants, while simultaneously serving as convenient storage solutions – turning an otherwise empty wall into an organized workspace.

Discover contemporary shelving options that suit the design aesthetic of your home, such as plan square shelves that work with any style or floating shelves without visible supports – find something perfect to adorn your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room!

These shelves maximize storage, preventing items from cluttering surfaces while making any room seem larger. Perfect for bathroom toiletries, kitchen utensils and bedroom personal items; also great in living and dining areas to display photo frames or valued artwork pieces.

Floating Shelves

Shelf options that don’t require wall studs provide a streamlined appearance and easy upgrade process. When installing floating shelves, always take into consideration ceiling height and bed frame height to ensure they can support all of your items safely.

Floating shelves provide essentials within reach and prevent surfaces such as nightstands or dressers from becoming overrun with items that are rarely used. You can style floating shelves to fit seamlessly with the decor by including picture frames, plants or other decorative features to complete their look.

When selecting floating shelves for your bedroom decor and furnishings, opt for neutral colors or natural wood finishes that coordinate well. Thinner models work especially well as they don’t weigh down smaller rooms visually.

Shoe Racks

Keep clunky shoes out of sight with this closet-friendly shoe storage option. The wedge-shaped insert helps prevent tall boots from losing their shape while flip-out drawers make finding just the right pair easier than ever.

This shoe rack is one of our favorites because it accommodates many pairs (though boots may be tight fit) and the metal surface makes for easy cleaning: dry dirt slides off easily while mud can be removed with paper towels. Unfortunately, its wide slats allow chunks of dirt to gather under them which makes this rack suitable for entryways or closets rather than bedrooms.

Pottery Barn offers this midcentury-inspired shoe cabinet as an attractive solution. Perfect for hallways, mudrooms and entryways alike, its ample storage capacity can hold a full collection of shoes plus mail, accessories, keys and more – an eye-catcher in itself!

Under-The-Bed Storage

Under your bed is an ideal place for cleverly hidden storage solutions. Make use of it by stashing away out-of-season clothing, extra blankets and pillows, or seasonal decor items.

If you need to store items you won’t access often, look for storage containers with airtight lids to protect against dust and other contaminants. Lower containers also make the task of getting things in and out easier without strain.

These shallow bins are great for organizing clothing and linens. With adjustable dividers to keep outfits and accessories separate, these shallow bins make storage much simpler. For shoes that need deeper storage options, try this wooden organizer with adjustable dividers; its drawer pull will add an attractive finishing touch.

Chair Storage

Furniture designed with built-in storage can help declutter and organize any room, whether that means bedside tables with built-in drawers, chests with hidden compartments that double as nightstands or caddies that hang off of headboards and act as shelves.

Wall hooks provide an innovative approach to vertical space storage, offering convenient places for purses and hats while serving as decor. If your closet lacks enough room for an entire dresser, garment racks can keep clothing hanging off of the floor and organized.

Extra Space Storage offers secure facilities throughout the U.S. with storage units designed for furniture and other belongings – find one near you today!

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