Enhance both comfort and style of your sleeping area with bedroom furniture made of wood or composite materials like MDF. Wood’s natural aesthetic will draw guests in while composite materials like MDF offer affordable options.

Opt for rustic designs that evoke an Old World atmosphere, or contemporary room groups with clean lines and metallic accents. Bedrooms with spacious closets should consider an armoire as storage and display options for clothing, shoes and other items.


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – somewhere to relax after an exhausting day and show off your unique decorating style. Our bedroom furniture list covers essential and additional items to get your sleep space looking its best!

Beds are undoubtedly one of the most crucial pieces in any room, providing a base upon which to layer bedding, pillows and throws. Bed frames come in various sizes to meet individual sleeping configurations while they can also feature unique aesthetics with wood, metal or fabric construction options available.

Ornate headboards and footboards evoke cottage or country styles, while sleek metal frames suit contemporary decor. A canopy bed frame adds grandeur to a master suite. Furthermore, there are beds that come equipped with built-in storage drawers to help keep things clutter free.


Dressers are an indispensable component of the bedroom, providing ample storage while adding style to a space. In addition to clothes storage, dressers often become decorative accents themselves or used for electronics not fitting into closets.

Dressers for bedrooms come in all styles, designs and materials. Choose one that complements the decor and furniture already present in your room or choose an entire matching set for an ideal aesthetic.

If you aren’t sure which furniture piece would best suit your needs, take some time to learn about each. A dresser typically features low and long designs while chest of drawers offer tall, slim storage solutions perfect for smaller rooms. Many bedroom sets incorporate both for ample storage space. Whatever style of dresser you go for, make sure it features unique hardware or accent pieces to give it some character and flair!


A nightstand (commonly referred to as a bedside table) provides essentials such as lamps, alarm clocks and personal items in an easy way for bedtime reading and working hobbies that require the darkness – like sewing or knitting. Nightstands come in all forms from traditional designs with drawers up to more minimalist modern and transitional versions – something no bedside table should lack!

While many bedroom sets include nightstands, some people opt to purchase standalone units. According to Lau, the most important criteria should be whether or not it fits your room and your needs: “a piece that is too tall can make reaching without straining difficult; one that is too short could impact lighting negatively in your room.” If choosing a stand with drawers consider adding dividers so small items don’t get lost at the back. Other storage ideas for nightstands could include wall-mounted floating shelves, headboard shelving or multi-level stackable crates.


Vanity dressers provide a place for applying makeup or getting ready, plus drawers to store hair appliances and other necessities. Taller, narrow ones save space on the floor while wider options feature larger surfaces on top that become focal points in any room.

Wardrobes provide clothing storage, usually in the form of hanging rods and shelves. These may be freestanding or custom fitted and come in various styles and finishes to meet individual needs.

Baskets are another popular bedroom furniture choice, both decorative and practical. Parachute offers attractive woven sisal and jute options as decorative accessories; others can be used to store extra blankets and pillows in extra spaces like closets. Baskets also come in an array of sizes to meet every space requirement from small to large.

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